Classic Tyres

Today many cars make the choice of fitting classic radial tires instead of the standard cross ply tires . However at longstone we can help you make this simple choice as to what choice to make for your classic car.

Crossply Classic Tyres

Many venerable old classic cars would have originally left the factory fitted with crossply classic tyres. The standard characteristics of the crossply classic tyre would be wandering at cruising speeds and the dual carriage ways that are typical to modern motoring were not usual in the period when these classic cars were made. The advantages to the classical crossply tyre would be a nice quiet, soft, smooth ride. These venerable old cars also benefit from light steering.

Classic Radial Tyres

The beauty of the classical standard tyre radial design is that it separates the functions of the sidewall and crown of the tyre, allowing greater vertical flexibility whilst ensuring that there is still as much surface in contact with the road as possible. In radial classic tires the sidewall has a one or two layers of textile cord giving good flexibility, the tread is made rigid by combining the casing layer with two (or more) layers of steel cord bracing plies.

When making the choice of which radial to fit to your classic car, the prime factor is to select a genuine period tyre from an excellent manufacturer. That way you have selected a tyre designed to suit your classic cars handling. The handling of a classic car is often adversely effected by fitting a modern tyre with an inappropriate carcase structure that is not suited top your venerable old car.

Choosing Classic Tyres

Crossply or classic radial is the prime choice. Today many people select a classic radial tyre. Modern fast moving traffic is not so suited to vintage crossply tires that tend to wander at cruising speeds and genuine period radial tires such as the Pirelli Cinturato, Michelin X, XAS & XWX will make these classic cars more suited to the typical roads we are driving on today.